Sublimation Printing

Other than transfer printing this method does not use powder as its source of origin. Although it still requires a special sublimation printer for preparing the artwork it functions similar to any office printer. It still uses ink and a special sublimation paper.

Sublimation Printer

The printed art work looks almost like a print on a regular printer. However, as soon as it is placed on the desired garment and put in the heat press the print is then transferred to the underlying garment. The special ink turns into gas and the illustration is permanently printed onto the garment.

The options with sublimation printing are almost endless. Whether you want to print a high-resolution photograph of a person or a simple text – there are (almost) no limitations to this printing method. Also, you can add two designs next to each other to create a seamless double-size illustration. The longevity of the print is another huge plus point, as the design will not crack, peel or fade. Therefore Sublimation Printing is perfect for small batches – for larger quantities this method might be too laborious.East Africa Printing Company (EAPC),

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